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Many people suffer from diabetes. Some people do not have diabetes. Please do not think that those who do not have sugar problem do not need to read this section. You may now have no sugar problem. Somewhere, one day, you may meet a free sugar test camp. Once you get tested there, you will be branded as a diabetic from that day on. Therefore, those with a sugar problem and those without a sugar problem are requested to read this in its entirety. Our body is made up of millions of cells. It also has millions of kilometers of blood vessels. Every cell is like a house and blood is like a road. The nutrients in the food we eat are digested in the small intestine and they are absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver. The food we eat contains nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Sugar and glucose are one and the same. Whenever the words sugar and glucose appear in this book, keep in mind that the two are identical. Doctors call what we call sugar glucose. The house called the cell opens its door and takes the nutrients it needs from the blood. Calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, etc. can be easily taken up by a cell. But, it does not take sugar directly inside. Before taking the sugar inside, the cell tests whether it is a good sugar or a bad sugar. There are two types of sugar. These are good sugars and bad sugars. Good sugar is obtained when the carbohydrates in the diet are properly digested in the mouth, stomach and small intestine. Bad sugar is obtained when food is not properly digested. Good sugar means good quality sugar and bad sugar means bad quality sugar. We use good and bad words so that ideas can be easily understood. We can consider good sugar as high energy (energy) and bad sugar as low energy sugar. Blood sugar cannot enter any cell. A cell opens its door and takes a sugar from the blood and examines whether it is properly digested, powerful, good sugar or whether it is improperly digested, less powerful, bad sugar. The cell asks the sugar, “Are you a good sugar or a bad sugar?” If someone asks us, “Are you good or bad?” What would be our response? We will never say we are bad. So, sugar would say, “I don’t know.” There are no intelligent cells to distinguish between good sugar and bad sugar. So, cell sugar says, “There is an organ in our body called the pancreas. Go to him. If you have a good sugar he will give you insulin. If you have a bad sugar, he will not give you insulin. “Our body has an organ called the pancreas. It does a lot of work. The job of the quality controller to find out if a blood sugar is good sugar or bad sugar is an important job it does. The pancreas analyzes every sugar in the blood. If it is a good sugar, the pancreas will label it insulin. If it is a bad sugar, the pancreas will not give it insulin. In a garment factory, there will be a quality controller. Once a garment is ready, the quality controller examines it. If it is of good quality and has no defects, he marks it as “tested OK”. He allows it to be sent for sale. If there is any defect in it, he marks it as “rejected” and he throws it in the dustbin. Similarly, the pancreas is the organ that acts as the quality control officer and it tests the quality of the sugar. Only properly digested sugar will stick to the label called insulin. We can also consider insulin as an important component. Only that sugar, which contains a key called insulin, can open the door of the house called the cell and go into it. Properly digested, only good black sugar enters the cell from the pancreas with a force called insulin. A cell takes a sugar from the blood and checks it. Only if that sugar has a label called insulin does the cell decide that that particular sugar is a good sugar and take it inside. Therefore, a bad sugar can never enter a cell. Thus, the organ called the pancreas is very helpful in protecting all the cells from diseases and keeping them healthy. Some of you may think. “What new mess is this?I have been a diabetic for over 10 years. I have approached many famous doctors and visited many great hospitals. No one told me anything about good sugar and bad sugar. What are you talking about? “We are not anatomy without knowing anything about sugar. Whatever we talk about is true and scientific facts. Your diabetes has not been cured for 10 years because you have not yet learned about good sugar and bad sugar. You have been taking drugs and pills for many years. Once you understand the difference between good sugar and bad sugar, your diabetes will be cured from that moment on. The chemical formula for sugar is C6H12O6. Sugar is an isomer. Material: Sugar is an isomer is a fact that can be altered by rearranging the levels of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in the structure of sugar without changing their levels according to the chemical formula.Glucose, fructose and galacto There are single sugars like s and complex sugars like sucrose, lactose and maltose. The type of sugar can be changed by shifting the base O from right to left and by shifting the base OH from left to right in the structure of the sugar. Thus, each type of sugar has a different structure. Only certain types of sugar are suitable for the human body. Some types of sugar are not suitable for the human body. Although any type of sugar is suitable for the human body, they are all good sugars. No matter what type of ingredients are suitable for the human body, they are all bad sugars. The pancreas provides insulin only for sugars that are suitable for the human body. It does not provide insulin to all the sugars that can cause disease to the human body, are not suitable for the human body and are not needed by the human body. We go to the hospital to test our sugar levels. They tell us that our sugar level is 100 or 200. But no one measures or finds out how much sugar is in our blood. It makes no sense to find out how much total sugar is without knowing how much total sugar is good and how bad. There is a separate machine that can analyze and find out what amount of sugar is present. This analysis is based on the IR study, UV. Called spectrum research and NMR research. Different types of blood sugar and their levels can be detected only with the help of machines equipped with this facility. These machines cannot be found in any hospital. These are found only in very large laboratories and research institutes.

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Therefore, there is no point in examining total sugar in a public way. In hospitals, blood glucose levels are reported. But, no one has checked the blood sugar level. The level now measured in hospitals is called the plasma glucose level. Plasma glucose levels are different from blood sugar levels. Diabetes is not a disease associated with the pancreas. Diabetes does not mean that your pancreas is not functioning properly. Understand clearly that the pancreas refuses to give insulin to the sugar in the food we eat only if it is not properly digested. If the pancreas does not deliver insulin to a bad sugar it is not the fault of the pancreas. Whenever there is a lack of insulin in the blood, it only means that we have not digested the food properly and there is nothing wrong with the pancreas. Therefore, diabetes is nothing but improper digestion of sugar and has nothing to do with this disease and body organs. So, by learning a simple trick, how to eat food so that it mixes with good sugar in the blood, can cure diabetes in a minute. Our pancreas always has enough insulin, and it is waiting to give insulin to good sugar. Without giving it to our body, will it give it to someone else?By the way, you have to remember that it only gives insulin to the good sugar, not the bad sugar. Now, let’s understand more about good sugar and bad sugar with some examples. When we are kids, the food we eat is well digested. Because a child will not have tension, anger, fear etc. Thus, when a small child eats food, it is properly digested and only good sugar mixes with the blood. For example, when a child eats food, it can be said that 500 units of sugar mixes with the blood. Assume that the baby has digested all the food properly. Now, properly digested 500 sugars are mixed into the blood. All these 500 sugars will try to get into the cells. But, even a good sugar cannot enter the cell without insulin. So, all 500 sugars go to the pancreas. The pancreas tests 500 sugars. Since all 500 sugars are good sugars, the pancreas will provide 500 units of insulin. Each unit of sugar receives only one unit of insulin. The pancreas gives only a good amount of sugar. Since all 500 sugars are good sugars, they all have insulin. Now, 500 good sugars are circulating in the baby’s bloodstream with a force called insulin. Suppose a baby’s body only needs 300 sugars. Cells open their doors and take in sugars containing insulin, which work and cure diseases. Since the body needs 300 sugars, only 300 sugars will enter the cells. The remaining 200 sugars are constantly circulating in the blood. Our cells never take on any substance beyond their actual need. Because there are 500 sugars in the blood, the cells do not take them all and store them for future use. Now, what happens to the 200 good quality sugars that come around in the blood? Suppose we earn Rs.500 and bring it home. We only need Rs.300 for our domestic expenses. Shall we tear off the remaining Rs.200 and throw it in the dustbin as we have earned more than our needs? No. If the money is in the form of ten rupee notes, we will convert it into two hundred rupee notes and store it on the shelf. Similarly, the baby’s body has earned 500 sugars, its cost is 300 sugars and the remaining 200 sugars. The liver combines the remaining 200 units of sugar (glucose) and converts them into glycogen at Glucose is one unit of sugar. Glycogen is a substance obtained by the accumulation of many units of sugar. This is like the difference between a one rupee note and a hundred rupee note. Sugar is like a rupee note. If one hundred sugars are added, we get glycogen with a value of 100 sugars. If 500 sugars are added, we get glycogen worth 500 sugars. As we store 10 rupee notes into 100 rupee notes, the individual sugars combine together to form glycogen, which is nothing but a concentrated form of sugar. Just as we keep excess money safe, so does the shelf where sugar is stored in our body, liver, muscles and brain. Thus, the baby’s body stores the good sugar that insulin contains. Therefore, the child does not have diabetes. The first person to impair a baby’s digestion is its mother. To begin with, the child is sent to school to play and eat as he pleases. We woke up the sleeping child and said, “The school van will arrive at 8 p.m. Get ready fast! “We force the baby to bathe and force-feed him against his will. Some mothers beat their babies even when they are not eating. In between they force the child to drink water and swallow food. When the baby is hungry and does not want to eat it, the food is not properly digested. Now, let us assume that 300 sugars are properly digested and 200 sugars are not properly digested. What will happen now?The baby’s blood contains 300 good sugars and 200 bad sugars. The baby’s pancreas now delivers only 300 units of insulin. Insulin is not given for 200 bad sugars. Therefore, if the pancreas gives low insulin, it is not the fault of the pancreas, but we need to understand that the problem lies in the lack of digestion. 300 units of good sugars obtained from insulin will enter the cells. But, the 200 bad sugars that are not available in insulin keep circulating in the blood. They cannot enter the cells. Also, they cannot be converted into glycogen. The same liver that saved the excess good sugars on the shelf now decides that without insulin the sugars are set aside as bad sugars and that they are of no use to the body and that it sends the bad sugars to the kidneys. The kidneys send bad sugars into the bladder. Bad sugar mixes with the urine in the bladder and then goes out of the body. Frequent urination by diabetics and the presence of sugar in their urine do not cause any problems in the pancreas, liver, kidneys or bladder. Just as bad quality products produced in a factory are disposed of, our body also rejects the bad sugar obtained by improper digestion and sends it as waste. But we are tested in this urine lab and analyze how much sugar is in it and based on this analysis we are branded as diabetics. This is a completely wrong approach. We need to understand that all the sugar that is excreted through urine is useless sugar. We have already seen that our body has its own intelligence. It does not send our kidneys and bladder a good amount of sugar nonsense. All sugars that are converted into glycogen are good sugars. The sugar excreted in the urine is all bad sugar. Our body never sends good sugar through urine. So, do not be afraid when sugar comes out in the urine. The sugar has to go to the sewer. Even now, this child in our example does not have diabetes. Suppose this child receives an education, grows into an adult and becomes the head of an organization. We often see that company owners usually do not eat the right breakfast. At lunchtime, they are constantly busy at work, skipping or delaying lunch even when they feel hungry. At night, they come home at 10.00 or 11.00 and then eat more than they need. When such bad eating habits are followed, the food is not properly digested and the amount of bad sugar increases.

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For example, suppose a person mixes 300 units of bad sugars and 200 units of good sugars in their blood. The 200 good units of sugar receive insulin, which goes into the cells. 300 bad sugars do not get insulin and they are excreted in the urine. But, today this person’s body needs 300 units of sugar. However, only 200 good units of sugar have gone into the cells and there is a shortage of 100 units of sugar. Under these conditions, what will the body do? Suppose we earn Rs.500 and bring it home. In it, we see Rs.300 counterfeit coin and Rs.200 good coin. We will tear up the Rs.300 counterfeit coin and throw it in the dustbin and use the good Rs.200 coin for our expenses. Similarly, our body rejects bad sugar as waste and excretes it through urine. Suppose we need Rs.300 for our household expenses, but we have only Rs.200 as a good currency and we used it. Now, there is a deficit of Rs 100 in the budget. What do we do in such a situation?We will take Rs.100 of the money earned in advance and save it on the shelf and spend it. Similarly, when good blood sugar is not available to the cells, the pituitary gland (a beaded gland located at the base of the skull between the optic nerves) secretes a fluid called ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone). This fluid activates the adrenal gland located above the kidneys. The adrenal gland converts glycogen (concentrated glucose) stored in the liver, muscles, and brain into glucose. So, from our childhood, we always store the excess good sugar in our body as glycogen and use it whenever we face sugar deficiency. So, one thing needs to be clearly understood. No one faints because the sugar is low. This is because whenever the amount of sugar in our body decreases, the pituitary and adrenal glands take up and spend the stored sugar. When we have such a mechanism in our body, it is wrong to think that low sugar will make a person faint. Thus, over the years, we store excess sugar as glycogen in our body and then spend it. As long as we have glycogen in our body, we will never faint. Let’s see what happens when the glycogen stored in our body is depleted at some point. For example, a person eats and mixes 500 units of sugar into the blood. Of these, 400 are bad sugars and 100 are good sugars. Insulin is not available for 400 bad sugars, so it goes out through the urine. 100 good sugars get insulin and go into the cells. But the body needs 300 sugars. Therefore, there is a shortage of 200 sugars. Now, the body is trying to take out the stored glycogen. But, if the stored sugar is depleted in the person’s body, there will be no reserve. What happens next? The adrenal gland signals the absence of glycogen. At that time, like a car without petrol and a fan without electricity, the cells do not get good sugar and the body suddenly stops. Therefore, the dizziness of diabetics is not due to high or low blood sugar. If there is no stored glycogen when the body is deficient in sugar, then one will faint. Therefore, if diabetics faint, there is no problem with the pancreas. It only means that the sugar stored in his body is exhausted.

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What is high sugar and what is low sugar? The two are one and the same. There is not much difference between the two. Now let’s see why. For example, let’s say a person eats 500 units of sugar. Assume that 100 out of these 500 will turn into good sugars and 400 into bad sugars during digestion. These 500 sugars mix in the blood. Suppose there is no glycogen stored in his body. What happens now? 100 Good sugars get insulin and enter the cells. 400 bad sugars do not get insulin and are excreted in the urine. The adrenal gland is looking for glycogen. Because glycogen is not available, it cannot supply enough glucose to cells. If not enough sugar is supplied, the cells will starve and the person will faint. Now, if you test this person’s blood sugar level, the level will be lower. Doctors say he fainted because he was low in sugar. But, in fact, he did not faint because he was low in sugar. He fainted due to lack of stored glycogen in his body. Now consider another situation. The 100 good sugars in the blood have gone into the cells. But 400 bad sugars are still in the blood and they have not yet been excreted through the urine. During this time, the person faints due to lack of glycogen in his body when his cells need sugar. If you test his blood for sugar now, his sugar level will be higher because he has 400 units of bad sugar. Doctors will now say that he fainted because his sugar level was high. Again, please understand, he did not faint because his sugar level was high. He fainted because his body had run out of glycogen and only bad sugar was in his body. What we can understand from these examples is that the cause of dizziness is not high sugar or low sugar. Fainting occurs when the body does not have enough stored sugar called glycogen to store. In simple terms, they say that if a person faints when he has bad sugar in his body, he is fainting due to high sugar. If the same person faints after the bad sugar is excreted through the urine, they say he fainted because the sugar was low. We don’t need to worry about whether or not bad sugar is excreted through the urine. What we need to worry about is whether or not glycogen is stored in the body. Therefore, it is a useless exercise to test blood sugar levels. Some people may have low sugar, but they will not faint because glycogen can be given when needed. Some people may have more sugar, but it does not fade because it may be good sugar. Some people go to the hospital and have their sugar tested. They will be very energetic before testing. As soon as they know from the test report that the sugar level is 300 or 400 they will immediately experience a different feeling in the body. This is because we have recorded in our brain that the level of sugar in our body should be normal. If the sugar is above or below this level, our brain tells our mind that something is wrong, and our mind affects our body and creates disease. No one in this world needs to have a normal sugar level. It will never be, it does not have to be so. After eating our food, the sugar level will be high. Get insulin for good sugar. Bad sugar does not get insulin. The sugars needed by the cells go into the cells. Bad sugars are excreted in the urine. Excess sugars are converted into glycogen. While all of these activities are always going on in our body, if someone measures sugar at any time, it will show a random value and it will never be normal. Sometimes when our body gets sick or has some other important work in the body, the work of passing the bad sugar through the urine will be done with a little delay. It is also possible that the work of converting excess good sugar into glycogen is done with a slight delay. In these cases, if we test and develop a fear of whether the sugar level is high or low, this fear is the real cause of the disease and not the level of glucose in the blood. Suppose there are two persons in a house. Cooking will be done daily for these two people. When suddenly guests arrive, cooking will be done for 10 people. Can large quantities of food cooked in the kitchen now be called a problem? If one in two people has a fever, less will be cooked. Can under-cooking be called a problem?Similarly, if cells need more sugar, their blood sugar will increase. When cells need less sugar, their blood sugar level drops. Therefore, no one should analyze these levels by comparing them to a specific sugar level. Suppose your sugar level is normal. You sit quietly. If you throw a snake in your lap, you will panic with fear. If you check your sugar level immediately, it will be above the high level. Does your body have any sensations? Why does this increase your sugar level? Because if a snake bites you, all the cells need sugar to expel the toxin from the body. So, your body sends the stored sugar into the blood. When the snake leaves your lap, “Thank God!” The fear in your mind will be destroyed. If tested after 10 minutes, your sugar level will be back to normal. Now, please tell me, was the rise and fall of sugar a result of any disease or was it a defensive action by your body? Let’s look at another example. Make a small wound with a knife in the hand of a person whose sugar level is normal. The next moment, his blood sugar level would rise. Why? All the cells in the injured area begin to heal themselves. Sugar levels and BP levels rise when cells in the body need to work or when cells need to cure their diseases. Now, if you check your blood sugar level, it will be high. Can we call this a disease? Maintaining normal sugar levels is only valid in surgeries and emergency situations. The pancreas should be checked for damage before any emergency treatment or surgery. In such situations, medical science has established that life can only be saved if blood sugar levels are kept within a certain range. The concept of normal sugar levels was invented only for this purpose. Normal sugar levels are nothing more than a range of sugar levels that should be maintained by doctors during surgery and in emergencies to save lives. This principle is the purpose taught to physicians during their study. Sugar pills and tablets were developed for this purpose only. Therefore, no person needs to keep his sugar level normal. Doctors should only worry about it when a person is admitted to the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, no one should test their sugar level. No such checks are required. If anyone checks it, that test is the cause of the disease. Generally, the sugar level should increase after eating. The sugar then enters the cell or is converted into glycogen or excreted in the urine. Thus, the sugar level will continue to decrease and it will become normal. Then, when the sugar level drops, the glands that cause hunger secrete. Then we eat. Then the sugar level will rise again. It is a cyclical process. During this cycle, it is not necessary to test whether the sugar level is normal. If you do not eat when you are hungry, sugar from the shelf will be used. Well, if someone faints because of high sugar or low sugar and you bring him to me, I say in his ears, “Diabetes is not a disease. Get up! “Then he will get up? No. He should be given drugs, pills and insulin, only then can his life be saved. Therefore, there is no doubt that sugar pills and pills are wonderful inventions to save lives. It does not need to be used on a daily basis throughout.What does sugar pill or tablet do?Suppose a person who is dizzy with high sugar says 400 and takes a sugar pill. The tablet will go directly to the pancreas and order, “Give insulin to those 400 bad sugars.” The pancreas responds, “I will not. I have insulin. But, I did not give them insulin because those sugars were not properly digested. If those bad sugars get into the cells, diseases will come to our body parts. ”B u t t h e s u g a r The drug forcibly takes insulin from the pancreas and gives it to 400 bad sugars. Sugar drugs do not convert bad sugars into good sugars. They issue fake “good sugar” certificates for bad sugars. Therefore, although sugar pills are wonderful life-saving drugs, they should only be used in emergencies. But, the pharmaceutical companies discussed how to increase their business in star hotels and earn more revenue. Thus, a program called Diabetes was developed. The idea was to tell people that sugar levels should always be normal and if not it was a disease. Of course, if someone measures his sugar level at any time, it will not be normal. So, the fake disease of diabetes (diabetes) was invented only for a commercial purpose, with the idea that people could make a huge amount of profit if they took drugs and pills for the rest of their lives. There is nothing like diabetes in this world. Sugar does not have to be normal at any time. So, please do not check the sugar level at any time. All doctors say that diabetes cannot be cured. This is because diabetes is not a disease. How can you cure something that is not a disease? We only need doctors to cure a disease, not just to give us drugs and pills for the rest of our lives and say that it can never be cured. When sugar medicine certifies bad sugar as “good sugar” and sends it to the cells, diseases come to all the cells in the body. For all diabetics, this is the reason why the dose of the drug gradually increases over time. We do not have much scientific knowledge to understand this. Let’s think about a basic thing. Is the dose of medication taken by diabetics increasing or decreasing? If it increases, it means that our disease is getting bigger. Do we need a doctor to cure our disease or aggravate our disease? All of our body parts are affected when bad sugars go into the cells, which is why the amount is constantly increasing. Therefore, the pancreas is also affected because it is a part of the body made up of cells. It is said that when diabetes comes, all other diseases come. This is completely wrong. The fact is that the onset of guilty feelings about having the affair, in the first place, further zaps whatever energy the partner having the affair might still have left. When diabetics start taking the pills, the dose increases. Then, all the organs of the body will be affected. First, the eyes are affected. Later, eye-related diseases may require certain medications and surgery. Then kidney stones form. The kidney will then require medication and surgery. Then some new A diseases will appear. But doctors will continue to say that all of these diseases come only because you do not maintain proper sugar levels. However, the truth is that all of these diseases come only because you maintain a normal sugar level. Whenever there is a disease in the body, it can be cured only by increasing the sugar level. For all people who have normal sugar levels, their body will not cure any disease. Then, will the diseases in the body increase or decrease? Therefore, the underlying cause of all diseases is the control of sugar levels. Therefore, diabetes is a wonderful business tactic by which all pharmaceutical companies give us drugs and pills to control sugar, thus causing all other diseases to come into our body, thus curing those diseases that require more drugs, pills and surgeries.

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Initially, the dose of the drug is increased in diabetics. Then, all the organs of the body will be affected. Then there will be new diseases in different parts of the body. Finally, at a point where the dose of the drug cannot be further increased, doctors will order the body to inject insulin. What is the difference between a sugar pill and an insulin injection? The sugar pill goes to the pancreas and takes insulin and gives it to the bad sugar. When insulin is injected, insulin is delivered directly to the bad sugars in the blood without involving the pancreas. Insulin secreted by rats, pigs, etc. is taken and sold in medical stores. We buy it and inject it into our body. In this way, those who use drugs, pills and insulin for diabetes will all spoil their body parts by giving good certification to the bad sugars in their blood, thus doing them no good. As time goes on, does diabetes continue to rise or does it continue to heal? It just keeps increasing. Diabetics get numbness, tingling, burning sensation, tingling sensation, sharp pain, cramps in the legs. Why does this happen? Consider a water bottle. Which part of the bottle is in contact with water for the maximum period? This is the bottom part of the bottle. The top of the bottle will only be in contact with water for a short time. Our body is like a bottle. Blood is like water. The blood in our body first flows only towards one part of our legs. Due to the force of gravity, taking raw materials from the blood first would be the same as our feet. The material then travels to other areas such as the knee joints, hips, and abdomen. Therefore, the only part of the body that absorbs the bad sugars obtained through sugar pills, pills, insulin, etc. is the leg. Etc. Eating bad sugars first is the first way to get rid of diseases. This does not happen because only the cells are bad. This happens because only the cells die. There is a difference between going bad and dying. When we have pain in one area of ​​the foot, we go for treatments like yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, acupuncture, neurology, mudra, reiki. But we did not stop taking sugar pills and pills. After a while, we critique these treatments, saying, “I attended yoga classes. I tried acupuncture. But my leg pain did not subside.

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As long as you continue to take pills and pills, no other medicine can cure your diabetes. How can you find fault with other medications that do not cure your disease when your body continues to be plagued by drugs and pills? Diabetics will experience numbness and burning sensation in the legs, and after a while, sores will appear on the legs. Ulcers anywhere on the body will heal, but sores on the soles of the feet will not heal. How can cells that cannot survive save themselves when they get sick? Then, we go to the same doctor to run the wound on the leg. Physiotherapy www.anatomictherapy.org 91 www.masterbaskar.org For some, their soles are badly affected and it can be very ugly to look at. After this, the cells in the big toe rot and the big toe gets infected. When you show it to the doctor, the doctor will tell you that the thumb is only rotten due to diabetes and he will adjust the date for the big toe cut. Think for a minute. Have any of the diabetics gone to the doctor and asked him, “I have been consulting you from the beginning. You told me I had diabetes. You gave me a tablet. I consume it. You taught me about sugar testing. I test my sugar daily. The amount of drugs and pills kept increasing. I regularly consume them to date. Then, you claimed that there were diseases in different parts of the body and gave you some new medicines and pills. Then you gave me an insulin injection. You told me to go for a walk every day. I walk every day. You asked not to eat sweets. I haven’t touched sweets in the last ten years. I am faithfully following all your instructions. Then, why did my foot rot?“Let me tell you a secret. Your foot is rotten only because you did everything your doctor asked you to do. When you cut off your toes, please start saving some more money. After a few more months, your leg should be amputated. Is it because you have not stopped your diabetes? Next, your knee should be amputated. Then your thigh will be amputated. As a result, many have their thighs, legs amputated, and remain in bed permanently. Do you still not understand that no medicine or tablet can cure diabetes? Diabetes is not a disease. The only solution for diabetes is to digest the carbohydrates in the food we eat at three points in the mouth, stomach and small intestine and convert it into good quality, more powerful, good sugar and mix it in the blood. Only this easy and simple technique can cure diabetes. In our treatment, diabetics can eat sweets. But doctors say diabetics should not eat sweets. Well, let me ask you a question: You haven’t eaten dessert in the last ten years. Has your diabetes been cured? Diabetes has nothing to do with sweets. In our treatment, diabetes is cured only if the diabetic eats sweets. Increasing the amount of sugar in the body does not cause diabetes. Diabetes comes only because the quality of sugar in our body is declining. So, no matter what foods we eat, if we learn the technique of how to eat them and eat accordingly, good sugar will be mixed with blood and insulin will be secreted naturally by the pancreas. Thus, diabetes can be cured immediately. So, no one needs to fear that the sugar level in the body will be high. Those who store more sugar in the body, their lives will be saved. Imagine that someone is injured in a road accident in a forest and he is lying on the road at 10.00 pm. No one noticed him. It can be said that he was seen by others only by 10.00 am the next day. If the amount of sugar stored in his body in the form of glycogen is high, he can save his life by distributing this stored sugar in his blood from 10.00 pm to 10.00 am. Even those whose body stores too much sugar can save many hours of their lives in times of emergency. Those who keep their sugar in the name of normal sugar level will not store sugar in their body. For those who have been taking medication for diabetes for many years, if they have an accident in front of the hospital, they may lose their lives before they go to the hospital. The money you have in the bank, the jewelry you own, the land and property you own are all property to the outside world. The amount of sugar stored in your body in the form of glycogen is a real asset that you own for your life. So, please eat well. Eat more sugary foods. Store a lot of glycogen in your body. This will save your life and you will not get any disease. People say that if the sugar level rises it is a disease. When a person is admitted to the hospital due to an emergency medical condition, when he comes out of the hospital, he proudly says, “I was given 16 bottles of glucose in the hospital.” Think about it. The bottle of glucose saved your life. Therefore, only sugar can save lives. Is it fair to say that we should not store sugar even though it is a basic need of every cell in our body?

Can we eat sugar-free products?

We are advised to eat sugar free products. We eat food only because there is sugar in the diet. The only reason we eat food is because our body needs sugar. A sugar-free product is something that should be thrown in the dustbin. If there is no carbohydrate in a food item, our body does not need it. So, please do not eat anything in the name of sugar free product. Only those who do not know or understand what sugar is, why it is needed, what it does, what cells do, and how our body functions will talk about eating sugar-free products. All foods contain sugar. Whatever we eat will only be converted into sugar. Only if a dish contains sugar, it is a food. There is no such thing as a dish without sugar. Doctors will tell you “Do not eat rice. It is high in sugar. Eat bread instead. This is the truth. Rice also contains sugar. Wheat also contains sugar. Well, people living in some areas eat wheat based food. Why do they get diabetes? Go to such areas and notice. Those people are advised, “Do not eat wheat based food. Diabetes comes only due to wheat. Eat more rice. “Sweet taste has nothing to do with sugar. Diabetics who understand this fact can start eating sweets from this minute. All rice based foods contain sugar. All wheat-based foods contain sugar. In fact, all foods that are worth eating are high in sugar. But not all foods taste sweet. W h a t d o w e understand f rom thi s? Sugar n o t t a s t e sweet. Invisible dessert i s a t a s t e. Sweet is something that must be tasted and digested by the tongue. Sugar is a visible substance. This is something that needs to be digested by the stomach. Sugar does not need to taste sweet. So, please do not be afraid to eat sweets. In our treatment, we teach the technique of how to eat food so that it is converted into good sugar. Once we learn this technique and follow the methods we are taught to eat all the food and convert all the food into good sugar, our pancreas will start secreting insulin naturally. When there is a way to secrete insulin in a natural way, why should we continue to take drugs and pills? What we say may cause a fear in some people. They may think, “If we stop listening to this person and stop taking diabetes pills and pills, will it endanger our lives?” If you have any doubts, you can do something. People who take sugar pills or insulin injections can admit themselves to a hospital. While in the hospital, please eat according to our technique. Do not inject sugar pills or insulin. Stay in the hospital for a full day. After your breakfast, you will be hungry again by noon, without taking sugar or insulin. What does this mean? This means your pancreas secretes insulin. Within two or three hours of eating our food, we need to secrete insulin. Otherwise, we will faint. When you eat according to our guidelines, when you have not fainted for a whole day, it will clearly show that it is your pancreas

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