VACCINATION good or bad


1. How does vaccination work?

What exactly does a vaccination include? We might feel a vaccine for a specific disorder comprises a medication to destroy the germs resulting from the disorder. This isn’t correct. It won’t include any medication to destroy the germs resulting from the disorder. How a lot of people know this truth? By way of instance, let us think about polio
drops. By administering the polio drops, then we really send the live poliovirus
within the body of their kid. In the same way, carrying the Measles vaccine is only sending the processed measles virus within the body of their kid. There are
various varieties of vaccines. In some varieties of cancer, reside viruses will be transmitted within the body. In others, dead viruses have been shipped in and in certain others,
halfdead viruses have been sent within the body. Thus, a vaccine doesn’t include any medication in any way. It comprises only the virus resulting in that disorder. Lots of
you may be amazed to understand this actuality. A new-born infant won’t know
a thing in any way. It won’t even know it is a human being! It won’t know whether it’s a female or male. How can we dare to ship a virus which may result in disease to the body of such an innocent kid in the title of
a vaccine? The cause of this action is that the body has an
intelligence that is senile. Our body won’t do any injury to those fantastic germs. It requires action only against these germs that could cause
ailments. Disease-causing germs can also be known as Pathogens. If our body finds any germs which could lead to disease and damage our entire body, all of the body parts like thymus gland, liver, spleen, bone marrows, kidneys, etc., will investigate together
and determine which kind of medication must ruin the disease-causing
germs then find out what sorts of raw materials are needed, and in what
ratio, to prepare this medication. Therefore, our entire body will initially prepare the”formulation” for this medication. If we would like to prepare soup, then we want the knowledge about exactly what components, in what amount, should be utilized and how these substances must be blended and warmed up for preparing the dish. Someone who doesn’t understand this formulation can’t prepare sausage. In precisely the exact same manner, our
own body components behave as researchers and physicians and perform their own investigation, learn a
formulation, get the raw materials needed by the formulation from the bloodstream, mix the raw materials correctly, prepare the medication, put on the medication on the
disorder causing bacteria and destroy the germs. Therefore, the vaccination has been implemented throughout the world depending on the simple fact that all of the human beings possess the
natural ability inside their own body directly in their arrival to ruin the
disease-causing germs. Disease-causing germs have been transmitted to the body in the title of vaccination. The body accomplishes by ruining those naturally-occurring germs. Any
physician will tell you that the vaccine comprises just the illness-causing germs which vaccination is completed for providing our body with the capacity to ruin those
germs. But how many people, the common folks, know these details? If we don’t understand even these fundamental facts, how do we understand anything else relating to our own body and
about the area of medicine? Vaccination is performed only through the youth.
Vaccination isn’t performed for adults. The main reason is an infant has five
items in the proper state. As we grow old, as a result of our poor habits, a number of
things could become poor. We’ll clarify these five items soon. Our
body is going to be able to ruin the disease-causing germs just when these
five items in our own body are in an appropriate state. However, adults undergo various ailments. Let’s find out why it’s so. When our body has
the capability to ruin disease-causing germs, then why is it that we get diseases including Chikungunya? The main reason is that, if we are young, five items are in
a proper state and one or two of those five items might not be okay.

2. Why vaccination is important?

Thus, we must understand that diseases aren’t due to disease-causing germs. Because of a lack in our entire body, a complication occurs in the preparation of medication as well as our entire body struggles to ruin the
disease-causing germs. Hence, the illness-causing germs shouldn’t be
blamed for its ailments. We will need to
understand what exactly are the things necessary to be put directly in our own body and fix them.
If we examine and behave in this manner, we need have no anxiety about any
disease-causing germ. Let’s imagine that our own body is your mom, our blood would be your kitchen, the components in the bloodstream are the substances from the kitchen and
also the medication to ruin the disease-causing germs is your soup. If any substance necessary for preparing the soup at the kitchen seems bad, we can’t consume the
soup ready with that substance. Hence the body won’t have the ability to ruin the disease-causing
germs and also we get the illness. Please tell me did the disorder occur due to the disease-causing germ or did it happen because a specific thing in our bloodstream is degraded in quality? In our
treatment, we’re likely to learn about how to enhance the standard of the
Insulation substance within our bloodstream. Accordingly, from today on, we shouldn’t take any
medication or pill to ruin any disease-causing germs. Reason Number 2: Let’s assume that 1 thing necessary to prepare the soup isn’t available from the
kitchen. If the soup is ready without this specific thing, nobody can swallow it. Hence, the germs can’t be ruined and the
disease happens from the body. Please tell me, did the disorder happen due to the disease-causing germ or as one special item isn’t accessible or is
in insufficient quantity from the blood? There are a number of rather simple methods in our
therapy to acquire the lost things in the bloodstream and to find a sufficient amount of these items that are in less amount from the blood. We will learn
those methods. Reason Number Three: Determined by our height,
age and weight, there’s a perfect amount of blood necessary within our own body. The
number of blood in our body ought to be this optimal amount. In the event the amount of blood is significantly less, our body won’t fight against the disease-causing germs.
Hence, the disease happens since the amount of blood is significantly less rather than due to the disease-causing germs. Once we know this
principle, we’re going to learn how to maintain the blood in our own body in a suitable amount. Thus, we could free ourselves
from ailments. Reason Number Four: When our brain is affected, we can’t ruin the disease-causing germs. There’s a close relationship between our thoughts and our
body. Whatever our mind believes our body will comply. As soon as we get a fever because of a
virus, our brain is overcome with the anxiety we have a disorder. If we believe that we can fix it by using medications and pills independently, our body won’t heal the disease by itself. If we’re daring and confident and believe,”My body is smart. It is going to certainly cure the illness”, then our body
becomes effective at treating the illness. You may have seen many individuals who
don’t take any therapy for any disease however they stay healthy. The motive for this is their psychological confidence. Our head is the one which makes all
of the sections of our bodywork. As an instance, if we’re sitting after
ingesting the meals if a person states that a lizard had dropped in that meals, we
begin vomiting the very next instant. Why did the gut, that was digesting
all the food along when we didn’t understand the simple fact that a lizard had dropped in
the meals, abruptly begin vomiting the meals? This
is actually the fourth motive. It’s likely that this
in-built intellect of the human body is able to get influenced. After the intelligence
within the body becomes affected, we’ll get an infection in the disease-causing
germs. We get disorder only since, either a thing in the bloodstream has gone bad, or a thing in the bloodstream is absent, or it’s in less amount, or the number of blood is significantly less,
or our brain is influenced, or the intellect of the entire body is affected.
Consequently, if somebody doesn’t receive any disease in the illness-causing germs,
then it implies that these five items are in good shape in their entire body. If someone receives a disease because of this disease-causing germs, then it
usually means that one or more of those five items aren’t appropriate in her or his entire body.
We can’t agree that disorder comes just because of naturally-occurring germs. If it
had been true, then physicians are those to get more ailments because each day that they come near many patients influenced by germs. The germs spread
through the atmosphere coming from the entire body of their patients and throughout the things
they reach. How can it be that the diseases don’t impact the physicians? When it’s the case that diseases come just on account of this disease-causing germs, then the exact same
disease should influence all of the people in a home. Now, only think why out of
ten individuals in a home, the disorder which affects eight men doesn’t influence the remaining two individuals. This could possibly be due to each of the five items being in good
shape for those 2 people. Therefore, rather than exploring on the
numerous varieties of disease-causing germs on the planet, naming them and making
them more famous, should we know the easy secrets of how to keep the five
items in our own body and maintain them okay, we are not going to receive any illness from any
germs. Many germs
won’t be observable to the naked eye in any way. Until now, nobody has seen them
through a microscope. Several countless disease-causing germs are constantly present in the atmosphere we breathe. Therefore, please don’t have any fear concerning the disease-causing germs. If someone has the five
items mentioned previously inappropriate state, then he won’t receive any illness from any given germ. Even if we capture fever, etc., if we know what we must do
in these conditions, as explained in detail in this publication, and follow them, we
could conquer any germ-free without swallowing any medication, pill or seeking any
physician’s help. The vaccine comprises just the disease-causing germs. However, the
very best medicine for a new-born infant is the mother’s milk. If a kid is provided just the mother’s milk for the
first 3 to 6 weeks and brought up with no medication, medication, etc. that
kid will likely probably be more resistant to infection than any other kid on earth.
Therefore, in case a disease-causing germ is routed into a new-born infant in the title of
vaccine, then that kid’s body, rather than gathering the massive knowledge coming
via the mother’s milk, then anxieties regarding the germ from the embryo and prepares to
provide treatment for those germs in the vaccine. Hence, the body will probably be protected against that specific disease for which the vaccine has been given but it’s going to be
terrified of the other ailments. Thus, providing offence to kids will in reality decrease their resistance to ailments rather than increasing it.

3. What vaccination is given at birth?

Vaccination is a system of sending the buoyant germs to the body. At first, the body generates phlegm and sends the disease-causing germ from the body by means of the phlegm. Phlegm is a car for sending the germ out. That is the reason why we frequently catch a cold while we drink water from another origin. We’ll see the reason behind this in detail within this publication from the section about the technique to
consume water. If the body can send the germ from your system using the
Helper known as phlegm, it’s fulfilled with its occupation. But sometimes, some
germs, rather than heading out together with the phlegm, will begin yanking the
phlegm to the body. In this circumstance, your system will make a medication called
Killer and ruin the germ. Our entire body prepares another medication named Suppressor for ruining the Killer medication. This Suppressor medication makes the Killer medication powerless since it’s served its function. Our
entire body, after creating the 3 medications namely, the Helper medication called
phlegm, the Killer medication to destroy the germs and the Suppressor medication to
take out the ability of the Killer medication, plays the fourth purpose known as Memory wherein it records exactly the formulation by registering its encounter as:”I watched that a disease-causing germ in a few of the cells. Its strength was this considerably. I
shipped the following medications to ruin it. The germ was murdered by means of this
action. The assignment proved to be successful.” Just because we’ve learnt concerning vaccination in detail, so don’t assume it is very good for our body. Surely, vaccination doesn’t do some good to our own body. Let’s now observe the main reason behind this. It’s to be
mentioned that if disease-causing germs extend our body, our body will do exactly the four
functions namely killer, helper, suppresser and memory. Thus, it’s not that our
body will not those acts just when vaccination is finished. A mother’s body will probably possess in its memory that the collected knowledge of all of the formulas concerning how it
ruined various kinds of germs during her lifetime. Not just that, additionally, it will have in its memory all of the knowledge about all of the germs which were
ruined by her mom, grandmother and many past members of her
creation. This knowledge within the body is known as the”Immunity from the ailments”. The mom sends this understanding to the baby through her milk.
This is known as the Transfer element. Consequently, mom’s milk is the most significant and
best vaccination on the whole planet. There’s a narrative in Hindu faith about
how Lord Iyyappan was treated from a disorder by his mom by providing him tiger’s
milk. Tiger’s milk does not indicate that the milk by a standard tiger. Just that milk has got the understanding called Transfer element. We
can see that in certain rural areas that the villagers eat Junnu, the initial 3
times’ milk out of cows and goats that give birth to calves. However, some people today boil the Junnu and consume it in a good form. There’s not any use of swallowing it in
this manner. It’s great only if we have raw Junnu instantly when it’s obtained. This manner, the resistance against diseases that are collected in
these critters over the generations stems to our entire body. The pharmaceutical
companies, about comprehending this technological fact, are concerned that their business
of purchasing medications won’t flourish if babies live a wholesome life by
consuming just the mother’s milk. That’s the reason why disease-causing germs have been shipped to the bodies of babies in the title of vaccination from the very first day
of their arrival. Therefore, vaccination is
only a tool which destroys the ancestral knowledge of the own body to resist the diseases. Countless individuals have been influenced by vaccination and
expired in a variety of countries of the planet. Consequent to the battle by a high amount of individuals, vaccination was completely prohibited in India for a couple of decades.
But through some prosecution, the tradition of
vaccination was started again in India. It is possible to find an entire awareness of vaccination by studying this novel. On the other hand, the scientific truth is that vaccination isn’t great for the entire body. Therefore, please don’t give vaccination to your kids. Additionally, should we follow all of the tips offered in this publication, we could bring up the child in a
healthful manner.

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