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When the quality of sugar in the blood decreases, it is called diabetes mellitus. When the quality of calcium decreases, we get disease in the bones. Thyroid disease occurs when the quality of calcium, sodium and iodine in the blood decreases. Lipoma (lipoma), high blood pressure, heart block and other cholesterol related diseases all occur when the quality of the fat-related substances in the blood is poor. We discussed all of these in detail. Similarly, eye diseases occur when the level of vitamin A in the blood decreases. This is because the eye needs vitamin A. When the quality of vitamin A decreases, the eyes become the first organs to be affected. In such a case, we should not mistakenly conclude that the disease is in the eye. Diseases come to all bodies when the quality of vitamin A is poor. All parts of the body need vitamin A. But, the eyes need more vitamin A c o m p a r e d t o other parts of the body. Therefore, vitamin A deficiency is first noticed only in the eyes. Diseases of the bones occur when the level of vitamin D in the blood decreases. This is because of the vitamin D diet for bones. The root cause of all bone related diseases such as joint pain, knee pain and joint pain is the deterioration of the quality of vitamin D in the blood. Therefore, when there is pain in the bones and joints, there is no point in applying ointment on them and performing bone surgery and joint surgery. Only by improving the quality of vitamin D in the blood can all bone related diseases be cured. We should not immediately conclude that vitamin D deficiency only causes disease in the bones. All parts of the body need vitamin D. But, because the bones need more vitamin D compared to other parts, the bones are the first to be affected when the quality of vitamin D falls. When the level of vitamin B in the blood decreases, all muscle related diseases occur. This is because vitamin B is good for the muscles. Vitamin B deficiency in the blood is the root cause of all muscle related ailments such as body aches, fatigue, thorns, and burning sensations in the body. Therefore, all muscle related diseases can be cured by improving the quality of vitamin B in the blood. If the quality of vitamin K in the blood deteriorates, the blood loses its ability to clot. Usually, if there is an injury in our body, the blood will immediately clot when it comes out. Thus, more blood will not come out and our lives will be saved. But, if there is a drop in the quality of vitamin K in the blood, the blood does not clot. Then, more blood comes out and there is a risk to life. Therefore, blood clotting can be restored by properly setting the quality of vitamin K in the blood. Similarly, there are a lot of substances in the blood and when any substance is poor in quality all parts of the body are affected. But, some specific area will be more affected. The space in this book may not be enough to list which part of each substance in the blood is affected. So, what we need to understand is that when one substance is bad in quality, all the organs of the body are affected, but one particular part may be affected more than the other because each body part uses one particular substance more and less other substances. Therefore, when a disease occurs in a particular part of the body, we need to understand that the disease has nothing to do with that part of the body and that there is a deficiency in the blood of a substance consumed by that part. For example, when there is a disease in the eye, there is no use in eye analysis. This is because the cause of cataracts does not lie in the eye. Eye disease occurs only when certain substances needed for the eyes get bad in the blood. Similarly, joint pain is not a disease associated with the joints. The underlying cause of joint pain is that the substances needed for the cells in the joints to deteriorate in the blood. So, we clearly understand that diseases are not in the body parts, but in the poor quality of the substances in the blood. Imagine that all the windows and doors in a large bungalow are closed. There is a fire inside the house. You are the one who sees from the outside. You do not know the fire inside the house. All windows and doors are tightly closed except for a slightly open window. Now, some smoke is coming through that window. If someone says so, there is a problem with the window because there is smoke through the window, can we agree?The disease is not in the window. The disease is burning the whole house. Smoking is not a disease. This is only a symptom. By closing a window tightly, we can prevent smoke from coming out of that window. But can we say that the problem is solved? If we understand this example, we can understand the medical world. When the whole body is on fire, smoke comes out through one of the body organs. That is, there will be pain in one of the body organs. If there is any pain or discomfort in any area, we need to understand that the smoke (symptom) is coming through that area. When the whole body burns, the smoke called pain comes through the part of the body that is weaker than the others. Therefore, even if the disease affects any part of our body from head to toe, there is no point in analyzing that body part. We need to understand that the whole body is burning and that smoke is coming through that area and we need to find ways to reduce the fire in the whole body instead of trying to stop the smoke in that particular body area. In today’s medical world, they say, the disease is present in the body and they give us drugs and pills to control smoking for the rest of our lives to prevent smoking. But, they will never try to extinguish the burning fire all over the body. So, if someone gets a headache, don’t say they have a disease in the head anymore. Say there is smoke in the window called the head, the head is not responsible for this, it is because there is a fire called disease all over the body. Then, look for ways to extinguish the fire throughout the body, i.e. to cure the disease throughout the body. Understand that when there is pain in the knee joint, the whole body burns and there is smoke in the window called the knee joint. The whole body is affected because a substance ingested by the knee joint has deteriorated in the blood. However, the knee joint was the first to get the disease due to overuse of the substance by the knee joint compared to other areas. Thus, whenever a disease comes to any part of the body, it is easy for us to cure all the diseases that occur in our body if we realize that the disease is not in that area and only smoke is coming through that area. A disease is caused when a substance in the blood gets worse. A substance in the blood does not decompose automatically. The basic reason for this is that due to changes in our habits, the food we eat gets mixed in the blood without being properly digested. Therefore, the first disease that occurs in a human being is a deterioration in the quality of certain substances in the blood. By reading this book in its entirety, one can understand how this disease can be cured easily and naturally without any medication or tablet.

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The first disease is to reduce the quality of the substances in the blood. Once this disease comes to us, it should be cured naturally. Doctors who do not know how to cure this disease naturally sell drugs and pills in the name of controlling it for the rest of our lives. Controlling a disease is different from curing it. Only doctors who do not know how to cure a disease can control it. There is no need to control any disease. It is very easy to cure any disease. Suppose you are the owner of a company. One good day you need to go abroad urgently. When you are away, there are some issues with the company. Your manager will call you and explain the problem in detail. The problem can only be solved if you are physically in your office. But it will take you at least four days to return. What would you do in this situation?You will tell the manager, “I have four days to come back. Only when I come back can the problem be solved. In the meantime I will tell you how to manage the situation. “The manager will manage the issue for the next four days. You will come back after four days and resolve the issue. We understand from this example that managing a problem is temporary and problem solving is permanent. Managing or controlling a disease is temporary. The cure for the disease is permanent. It is a universal fact that controlling a disease magnifies it. So, no matter who takes the drugs, pills and treatment for many years claiming that it can only control diseases like diabetes, BP, asthma, thyroid, cancer, AIDS, your diseases will get bigger. Fi r s t level di sease i s Degeneration of a substance in the blood. By controlling it, we are pushed into the secondary stage of the disease. The second condition is that the amount of a substance is low in the blood or the item is not in the blood. Decreased quality of sugar is a first stage disease. If there is no blood sugar it is a secondary disease. If the quality of calcium decreases you will become obese. It is a minor illness. However, if the level of calcium in the blood decreases or the calcium is completely absent in the blood, it is a secondary disease. Then, the calcium from the bones comes into the blood. Then, the bones break or rot. This is the biggest disease. Thus, if the quality of a substance in the blood is poor, it is the first stage, minor disease. If the amount of a substance in the blood is low or the item is completely absent, it is a secondary, major disease. When the quality of an object in the blood is poor, if we set it right in the natural way, we do not have to be pushed to the second level, i.e. the amount that reduces the item or the substance that is not in the blood. Everyone who has taken drugs and pills for many years in the name of controlling the disease will have their disease spread when the quality of a substance in their blood is poor. After a while, they will be pushed to the second level, which does not have calcium, iron, sodium, etc. in their blood. Then they will have to take medicines and pills for this disease. Therefore, if the level of a substance in the blood is low or if a substance is not in the blood, we should consider it as a secondary disease. We are going to learn how to fix this situation by reading this book in its entirety.

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Depending on our age, height and weight, our body has the required amount of blood. If the amount of blood in our body is less than this level, it is a third stage of the disease. The first stage of the disease is when a substance in the blood is bad. If this is controlled using the wrong treatment, it reduces or leads to the absence of the substance in the blood, and we are pushed into secondary disease. If we treat the secondary disease incorrectly, the secondary disease i.e. low blood pressure occurs. What causes low blood pressure in our body?First, let’s look at how blood is formed in the body. The bone marrow takes some substances from the blood and makes new blood. When some substances in our blood are substandard and some other substances are not available in the blood, all the substances needed to make blood in the bone marrow are not available, so it stops the work of making new blood. Due to this, the amount of blood in the body decreases. A worker working in a factory will do his job properly only if all the materials required for his work are given to him in the right quality, quantity and on time. If he is given poor quality materials or he is not given enough materials he will simply sit idly by without doing his job. Similarly, no matter what materials the bone marrow needs to make new blood, new blood will continue to be produced only until these substances are available in the right quality and in the right amount in the blood. If some items get bad or some items are not in the blood, there will be a shortage of items and the worker called bone marrow will stop doing his job. If the bone marrow stops working, the amount of blood in the body will decrease. This condition is called anemia or hemoglobin deficiency. The underlying cause of stage III disease, i.e. low blood pressure, is the misuse of treatment in the first stage of the disease, i.e. the quality of the blood-thinning substances and the second stage of the disease, i.e. the lack of blood-thinning substances and substances in the blood. When the amount of blood decreases, not all parts of the body get enough blood and they are all affected. In our treatment we are going to learn an easy technique on how to maintain blood quality properly and at the desired level. With this technique, all three stage diseases can be easily cured.Tags:haemoglobin rich foods,haemoglobin normal value,haemoglobin level for female,haemoglobin structure,haemoglobin level for male,haemoglobin range,haemoglobin test,haemoglobin blood test,haemoglobin boosting foods,haemoglobin benefits.

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