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1. What is SNEEZING?

Form Sneezing To Cancer By Healer Baskar, What’s sneezing? When does it happen? Sneeze doesn’t come to anybody at anytime. It comes solely at particular occasions resulting from particular causes. Please think twice. If we shake off an previous material within the air, when the mud particles from the fabric go inside our nostril, we sneeze. After we stroll on the street, if somebody is sweeping the street, the mud particles make us sneeze. If we eat one thing highly regarded or containing an excessive amount of spice, we sneeze. When some gadgets containing chilli powder, and so forth. are being cooked within the kitchen, the odour coming into our nostril causes sneezing. Why does sneezing occur? When mud particles, scorching and spicy gadgets, germs, and so forth., which may trigger hurt to the lungs, enter our nostril, our lung will get afraid. It instantly goes to a physician inside our physique and says “Forty dangerous particles have come inside. I’m in peril. Please ship them out.” The physician inside our physique provides this job to a sneezing gland known as Histamine. Histamine gland examines the lung and does analysis. It then decides, “There are forty particles right here. Due to this fact, we will ship them out utilizing 4 sneezes.” After which, it will get the power wanted for 4 sneezes and in addition sufficient air and water from the physique and creates the sneezing. Due to this fact, sneezing is nothing however a beautiful means by which our physique eliminates the undesirable particles with plenty of power by utilizing the required air and water, even with out our data. Sneezing just isn’t in our management. It comes impulsively and we’re not even conscious of its impending arrival. So, we will see that sneezing just isn’t a illness. It’s the therapy given by our physique. However, after we get sneezing, we are likely to suppress it. After we are in our workplace or in a gathering, we attempt to keep away from sneezing. If we keep away from sneezing, this avoidance is the precise illness. Some folks use oils or balms to cease sneezing when it happens. What occurs after we use a balm to cease sneezing? The scent from the balm goes inside our physique and orders the sneezing gland to cease working. Thus, it prevents our physique from defending itself from undesirable issues. Due to this fact, it’s a nice treachery that we do to our physique if we cease the sneezing gland from working when it tries to throw out the undesirable particles. So long as the scent of the balm is current in our physique, we won’t get sneezing. We might imagine that now we have cured the illness known as sneezing. We’re mistaken. We have now really stopped an motion of the physique to ship out the undesirable particles for the subsequent 4 or 5 hours. The sneezing gland won’t work until the scent of the balm stays. If the sneezing gland doesn’t work when there are forty mud particles, throughout these 5 hours, 4 thousand mud particles will enter our lung. Due to this fact, we should always not take any therapy to cease sneezing when it happens. We should always perceive that the air in that place is polluted and we should always come out of that place instantly or we should always use a fan or we should always cowl our face with a bit of fabric. Thus, we should always solely attempt to clear the air we breathe and never try and cease the sneezing. Due to this fact, sneezing just isn’t a illness in any respect. The one therapy for sneezing is that we should always sneeze properly after we get sneezing.

Remedies For Sneezing

The one medication for sneezing is to sneeze. If we do anything else, it can harm our physique.

2. What is RUNNY NOSE?

If we do one thing to cease sneezing when it comes, we won’t get sneezing for a number of hours. However, throughout these hours, many particles from the air would have gone into our lungs and elevated to 4 thousand particles. After the scent of the ointment is exhausted, the sneezing gland will come again and see. It can discover that there are actually 4 thousand particles. It can say, “When there have been solely forty particles, I may have despatched them out with 4 sneezes. Now there are 4 thousand particles. I’m incapable of doing something now.” And it’ll run away from the job. Now, the physician in our physique will name one other gland known as Runny Nostril, which is extra highly effective than the sneezing gland, to provide the therapy. Sneezing is like sweeping our home with a brush. The runny nostril is like cleansing our home utilizing water. Now, our nostrils will ship out the particles in our lungs by utilizing water to clear them out. However, what will we do after we get a runny nostril? We inhale it again into our nostril repeatedly! Thus we try and retain the undesirable particles inside our physique. Due to this fact, runny nostril is in no way a illness. It’s a therapy by which our physique cures a illness. Each time we inhale the water popping out of our nostril again into the nostril, it’s a treachery that we do to our physique. Due to this fact, at any time when now we have a runny nostril, now we have to blow out and get the water out of our nostril. If we do that, our physique shall be wholesome and we won’t get every other illnesses.

3. What is COLD?

When our nostril is working, if we use some balm or pill or every other trick to cease it, what does it imply? It signifies that we try to maintain the garbage inside our physique. If we proceed therapy like this for our runny nostril, the 4 thousand mud particles will turn into 4 million mud particles after just a few days. When this occurs, the physician in our physique will name the gland known as the Chilly gland and order it to remedy the illness. Simply as we clear our home utilizing cleaning soap powder when there are many stains on the ground, the chilly gland will use cleaning soap water to scrub the 4 million mud particles which might be sticking to our lung. It can then ship them out by way of our nostrils within the type of phlegm or mucus. However, after we get phlegm or mucus from our nostrils, we once more inhale it and attempt to push it again contained in the nostril. Due to this fact, Frequent Chilly is in no way an illness. It’s a therapy given by our physique. The one therapy for chilly is to blow out the phlegm or mucus from our nostrils. As a substitute for this, in case you observe a therapy to maintain the phlegm inside our physique, that’s the precise illness.   However, if we or our youngsters get chilly, we instantly rush to a hospital. If we get feces or urine and have to go to the bathroom, will we rush to the physician and inform, “Physician, I get feces and urine. Please give some medication to cease it”? Identical to feces and urine, phlegm is a wastage that has to exit of our physique. Due to this fact, whenever you get phlegm or mucus, please blow your nostril properly and take it out. There isn’t a different therapy for chilly on the earth.



Thus, if we take some medication or pill or resort to every other trick to maintain the phlegm inside our physique, the phlegm stays within the lungs and after just a few days it turns into chest chilly.


5. What is COUGH? And Its Remedies

When che s t chilly will increase, cough is produced in an effort to push it out. We discover that we suppressed an odd sneeze and now it has turn into an acute downside within the type of chest chilly and cough.

6. ASTHMA Simple Remedies

When chest chilly will increase and is extended, it’s known as bronchial asthma.


Thus, if we stop our physique from throwing out the wastages, the wastages collect and our respiratory passage turns into slim and the power of our lungs reduces, leading to respiratory difficulties. That is known as wheezing.


Those that take medicines and tablets repeatedly for Bronchial asthma, Wheezing, and so forth. get the illness known as TB (Pulmonary Tuberculosis) as a result of they retailer the wastages inside their physique for a very long time.


If TB just isn’t handled correctly and medicines are consumed for a number of years, there’s a chance of getting the illness known as Most cancers. From all these, we perceive that therapy for sneezing results in working nostril, therapy for working nostril results in chilly, therapy for chilly results in chest chilly, therapy for chest chilly results in cough, therapy for cough results in Wheezing, therapy for Wheezing results in Bronchial asthma, therapy for Bronchial asthma results in TB and at last therapy for TB results in Most cancers. However, as soon as an individual will get Most cancers, docs say that the explanation for Most cancers just isn’t identified and that it can’t be cured. Really, when the physique was making an attempt to throw out the wastages, we are known as it an illness gave it a reputation and gave a therapy for that illness. That so-called therapy is the actual motive for all these issues. Due to this fact, all that now we have mentioned above should not illnesses in any respect. Our physique will at all times attempt to maintain itself in a wholesome situation and it’ll by no means attempt to create an illness. Due to this fact, to any extent further, after we get sneezing, working nostrils, or chilly, if we ship the wastage out, we will save ourselves from extra severe situations that might observe. So, from in the present day onwards, don’t really feel shy to blow out any wastage that comes by way of the nostril. We should always by no means do something to maintain the wastages inside our physique. Then, all of the wastages which have been saved inside our physique will come out and our physique shall be wholesome. We will use any of the next strategies for sending out the wastages from our lungs:

10. Simple Treatment

  • If we eat child onions (10 to twenty numbers) ultimately every day, phlegm will come out.
  • We will eat 5 Tulsi leaves (Holy Basil) every day.
  • We will eat one Karpuravalli leaf every day.
  • We will eat Milagu (Black Pepper) Rasam or Milagu blended with honey.
  • We will eat Ginger tea.
  • We will do Nadi Suddhi (Alternate Nostril Respiratory) train.
  • We will eat uncooked Thuthuvalai leaf or Rasam ready with Thuthuvalai.
  • We will eat cabbage. If we observe any or the entire eight methods talked about above, phlegm will come out of our physique. Thus we will clear our lungs.
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